Star hotel lighting design scheme


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Star hotel lighting design scheme

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Lighting is a supplement to the night, and the progress of human civilization has made our night life more colorful. The service of the hotel is the place where "the rushing feet can stay", and the lighting of the hotel "adds color to the night life of the hotel". For a high-end hotel, good lighting design can effectively shape the unique atmosphere of the hotel, to render the environment, foil the effect of the plot at the same time can obtain good economic benefits.
Hotel lighting to convey the guests' hints and feelings are: cordial, warm, safe, elegant, private... ; Create an ideal light environment, an artistic world, to achieve comfort, artistry, unity, safety design effect...
Lighting design is a system engineering, a combination of technology and art. Therefore, it must be tailored to local conditions.
First, the hotel lighting design must consider the elements
· type of hotel and style of decoration.
· materials of hotel decorations.
· functional division and storey height of the hotel space.
· lighting forms and lighting parameters determined by architectural and decorative design.
· technical parameters of main decorative materials, etc.
· illuminance reference table for each functional area:
Area type/site reference plane and its height illuminance standard value (Lx) UGR Ra
Lobby entrance lobby 0.75 level 100 22 80
Counter/desk 300 22 80
Reception area 0.75 level 150 19 80
Rest area 0.75 level 100 22 80
Passage/corridor 0.75 level 100 25 40
Customer lighting 0.75 level / / /
Multi-functional banquet hall 0.75 level / / 80
Dining room lighting 0.75 level 200-300 19-22 80
Ii. Lighting design guidance for key functional areas
Lobby entrance lobby
Anteroom is the "window" of the hotel, the distinctive foyer can give guests a deep impression, and the lighting of the foyer is undoubtedly to bring the first visual impact to visitors. While meeting its functional lighting requirements, it also needs to be integrated with the profile, size and special style of the surrounding buildings.
service counter
The overall service work of the front desk in the hotel is very important. It is not only the hotel to the internal and external contact hub, but also the hotel reception service command center. Therefore, the lighting of the service station area is relatively bright in the whole lobby, and highlights its decoration style features to achieve striking effect, and the illumination level is higher than other areas.
The reception area
Considering the functional factors, the lighting of the reception area should be relatively obvious to highlight the importance of this area and facilitate the search of visitors entering the door. Both vertical and horizontal illuminance should be high to form visual focus. It is also important to avoid causing vertigo among travelers and hotel staff.
Rest area
Rest area serves as foyer commonly or the extension of entrance hall, need to highlight the function of its meeting place, the collocation that should notice light and shade light in the design, in order to build comfortable and sweet atmosphere, let laborious and tired guest body and mind be able to slow.
Good light in the tunnel area gives a sense of security. The required illuminance is generally between 75 and 150LX, the vertical illuminance is at least 1/3 of the horizontal illuminance, and there should be grade 2A color rendering. The lighting shall meet the required subjective perception characteristics:
· the access area looks bright, without distorted shadows, and the faces of pedestrians are clearly visible.
· light should make people feel like home.
· skin color should be natural and healthy in light.
Guest room lighting
Guest room is the place that rests morpheus, should give priority to with warm illuminant, in order to build sweet and comfortable environment. In the selection of light source color temperature should be around 3000K more appropriate, and to maintain unity, can not be used alternately mixed with warm and cold light source, resulting in confusion, most areas of the illuminance requirements are not very high, generally in about 50LX -- 300LX. The following is the reference table of design coefficients for each region:
Class reference plane and its height illuminance standard value (Lx)
Low in high
Living room 0.75 level 30 50 75
Head of bed 0.75 level 50 75 100
Writing desk 0.75 level 100 150 200
Toilet 0.75 level 50 75 100
Multi-functional banquet hall
The multi-function hall integrates functions such as banquet and conference, its lighting design and decoration style and grade coordination, pay attention to the overall lighting, local lighting and key lighting collocation. Overall lighting needs to grasp the indoor lighting environment of the hotel, including brightness, type of light source, light color, etc. Key lighting, most of the lamps and lanterns can adjust the lighting Angle flexibly, to achieve the lighting transformation effect of different scenes. It should also be equipped with intelligent dimming system to realize the switch of different usage scenarios.
In the choice of lamps and lanterns with adjustable Angle, high-power lamps and light source.
Restaurant lighting
The illume atmosphere of dining-room stands or falls to affect the appetite of people directly, because this dining-room illume design should follow illume demand not only, and the art that should notice lamplight changes and repast environment atmosphere is built.
Breakfast: want note atmosphere is simple, bright, light, the light inside house should highlight capacious atmosphere, build a person to encourage the visual effect that feels fresh.
Lunch: more relaxed, should focus on capturing the natural light outside the window, reduce the brightness of the lamp.
Dinner: for different theme restaurants, different lighting should be used to create different atmospheres, such as coffee shops, which highlight exotic customs, and give priority to romantic warmth and comfort. Chinese restaurant design will take the traditional approach of "middle people". Additional illuminant chooses to go up with colour temperature 2700K or so is beautiful, the illuminance of mensal desktop is advisable with 200LX.
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