LED design scheme of large shopping mall


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LED design scheme of large shopping mall

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In the display of commodities, commodities and brands are the center and soul of the store, and all the equipment in the store serves around these two centers. A good lighting environment can attract and guide the flow of people, and a well-designed light environment can save energy and electricity, and control business costs. The good color rendering performance of the light source is enough to show the high quality material, exquisite design, rich color, etc., and become the catalyst for customers to make purchase decisions and play the role of a silent salesman.
In the display of goods, good lighting design can attract consumers to patronize and guide the flow of people, clearly show the color and texture of goods, create a more relaxed, more comfortable shopping environment, greatly save electricity (not only can save lighting energy consumption, but also can save air conditioning costs), control operating costs.
First, the mall lighting design must consider the elements
Illumination analysis
For lighting design of comprehensive large commercial center, attention should be paid to the ratio of overall illumination, local illumination and partial illumination. The illumination of general supermarkets and supercenters is 500 ~ 750lux, and 300 ~ 500 lux for any other location. The average illumination of general lighting of shopping malls in big cities in China is 300 ~ 500 ~ 750lux, and the recommended value is 500 lux. But different specialty stores will be different. If the commodity with high value, fashionable dress, jewelry waits for sale place, illuminance is opposite want tall, and make the sale area such as food of daily life of commodity of low value, vegetable coarsely, illuminance is a bit low.
Color temperature analysis
Lighting colors can be divided into cool colors and warm colors, including red, green, blue and other colors. It is advisable to choose warm color temperature (below 3300K) or intermediate color temperature (3300 ~ 5300K) in the lighting design of shopping malls. But for the majority of malls in the medium level of illumination, choose 3500 ~ 4000K left and right intermediate color temperature is more appropriate; Generally speaking, low color temperature and high illumination tend to create a sultry atmosphere, while high color temperature and low illumination tend to create a bleak atmosphere.
Color rendering index
Most products require good color display. According to the CIE guidelines for interior lighting, the color rendering index for mall lighting should be level 1B (i.e. 90 > Ra≥80). This is very necessary for customers to correctly distinguish the color and texture of the goods and choose the goods that meet their own wishes. If the color index of the light source is too low, the goods will lose the sense of authenticity of its color and characteristics.
Ii. Lighting design guidance for key functional areas
At the entrance
Entrance is the main road of the commercial store, which is the first impression of consumers on the grade and positioning of the store. Good entrance lighting should have guidance, interest and display the level of the store, can arouse consumers' consumption consciousness, bright space also make consumers feel safe. For the sake of safety, the basic lighting of the entrance should be brighter than that of other areas, which makes people feel comfortable when entering the lobby. If you can properly install some floor lights to consumers will have a better guiding role.
The atrium square
The atrium is the focal point of shopping center, which not only has the essential functions of line of sight guidance, rest, display and performance, but also is an important spatial index. The atrium differentiates itself from the spatial characteristics of the business space in order to attract the attention of shoppers and to make them aware of their position in the space. At the same time, the atrium is also an excellent place to shape the corporate image, because it is the intersection point of shopping line and the end of shopping line.
Therefore, the design of atrium lighting should have certain artistic quality, decorate the space and create a comfortable light environment. In the design should pay attention to the consideration of natural lighting, night business needs to rely on artificial lighting. On the top of the atrium, the lighting of the walls can enrich the spatial level. Color temperature can be more diversified due to space and space characteristics. The average illumination design should be around 300lux.
Escalators play a crucial role in transporting passengers to and from various commercial stores. It connects the different areas smoothly and provides easy access from the car park to the shopping floors. Therefore, the lighting of the escalator mainly comes from the lighting devices in the surrounding places. At the same time, lighting lamps should be properly installed above the elevator so that passengers can clearly identify the warning line of the elevator.
Walk corridor
Corridor is the channel connecting different areas, its use frequency is higher, need to have more uniform illumination and certain brightness, at the same time should also pay attention to than other independent shop lighting coordination, otherwise, by the bright corridor into the dark area, will make people feel depressed or uncomfortable feeling. The illumination of corridor still should have certain guidance sex, can make hint through the arrangement of lamps and lanterns.
Sales area
The promotion zone is set up, on the one hand, in order to improve the sales volume of commodities by way of giving profits; On the other hand is in order to leave consumers "very affordable" impression, for its many visits to lay a foundation for consumption. Therefore, the promotion area of the display of goods must be the first time to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the vivid display of goods, lighting shoulder the responsibility of catching consumers' eyes. In general, the promotion area should be 20% brighter than the surrounding area.
Rest area
The setting of the rest area is very important. The warm lighting and graceful music make the guests get a cup of small drink and a moment of rest. Consumers who get "gas" from their chairs are more likely to linger for half an hour longer, creating new incremental sales.
Comfortable, quiet and tastefully laid out rest area, what bring to consumer is a kind of enjoy. The illume appropriate of its space USES the illume of high show color sex low color temperature low illuminance, choose lamps and lanterns with good performance that prevent dazzle. Average illumination design should be around 200lux.
Third, life supermarket lighting application
Shelf area
The shelf area is the main part of the display of supermarket products, which needs both horizontal and vertical lighting, so that all products have enough opportunities to be purchased by consumers. Therefore, shelf area lighting is the best embodiment of lighting technology. Due to the close distance between shelves, lighting should be based on the principle of avoiding shadows and making it easy to find commodities. The fluorescent lamp bracket with a mask or the anti-dazzle series grille lamp plate can be used as the main lighting between shelves. The neutral color temperature is 4300K, and the average illumination is more than 300lux.
Lighting mode of storey areas of different shelves (H= height) :
H<6M generally adopts light band lighting
6M≤H<8M most use point layout, lights in between the shelves
H≥8M do not consider the arrangement of lamps, but consider to improve the vertical illumination on the shelf
Fresh fruits and vegetables section
Lighting of the region to ensure the goods not only perfect, also want to consider the effect of temperature on the goods save cycle, the unfavorable use lighting lamps and lanterns of high calorific value, resulting in the loss of the moisture content of fresh fruit, fruit lost freshness, at the same time, with no ultraviolet and infrared radiation of high cold light, color and use the transparent mask small power incandescent lighting as the key. For example, it is better to choose warm color of 3000K in fruit area and cool color of 6400K in vegetable area. The average illuminance reaches 300lux, and the illuminance in key areas should reach above 500lux.
Cooked food area
This area has a relatively independent container, kitchen facilities. Lighting requirements show good performance of lighting equipment, restore food color. If choose the illume of warm color to be able to strengthen the allure of cooked food to consumer, should pay attention to the control of temperature at the same time, lest affect the fresh-keeping of commodity. On choice of lamps and lanterns appropriate USES the lamp that takes diffuse reflection mask to dish as fundamental illume, the small power incandescent lamp of transparent mask serves as key illume. The color temperature shall be 3000K, the average illumination 300lux, and the illumination above 500lux in key areas.
Frozen zone
Lighting in this area should be dominated by warm colors with high color rendering, so that customers can have a good psychological effect of fresh food stored in this supermarket, thus stimulating the strong desire of shopping. For food in the corner or the bottom of the freezer, hidden LED linear lighting can be used. The color temperature shall be 3000K, the average illumination 300lux, and the illumination above 500lux in key areas.
Cashier area
The cashier area should highlight the visual guidance to consumers, so that they can easily find the area and complete the purchase. The area is usually well trafficked, and cashiers work at a constant high intensity. Therefore, it is most important for cashiers and consumers to be able to see the goods and money clearly while ensuring that consumers can easily read the contents of the cashier's slip. The color temperature should be 4300K, the average illumination is more than 300lux, and the illumination uniformity is relatively high.
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