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SG-1 velocity estimation detector

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Velocity estimation is a kind of motion perception, which refers to people's ability to judge the motion velocity of objects. Usually, the psychological quality of drivers is closely related to the safety of driving. It is very important to have correct attention allocation and appropriate perceptual response actions and corresponding processing ability under different stimuli under various conditions. Therefore, the speed estimation ability of drivers and passengers will directly affect the safety of flight and driving.
Functions and features
1. Check the speed estimation ability;
2. Parameters can be set by themselves;
3. Optional speed, convenient remote control, flexible and simple detection operation;
4. This instrument integrates light, machine, electricity and calculation into one. It is a new intelligent instrument, controlled by computer chip, with accurate operation and high reliability.
5, liquid crystal display, automatic judgment, sound and light signal, intuitive and convenient, inspection results, fast and objective; Especially suitable for examination of large groups; More suitable for installation on the vehicle, flow detection;
6. Small size, light weight and beautiful shape;
Main technical parameters
1. Display contents: response error ms
2. Apparent moving speed: 137.4mm\s, 103.2mm \s, 68.73mm \s
3. Hiding time: 1090 ms, 1450 ms, 2180 ms
4. Visual label: red
5. Test distance: 1m
6. Test accuracy: 1ms
7. Input voltage: 220v \ 50hz
8. Overall dimension: 48*36*22 cm
9. Instrument weight: ~ 12kg
Note: this series is especially suitable for driving adaptability test of various motor vehicle drivers and passengers.
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