Commercial office building LED lighting design scheme


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Commercial office building LED lighting design scheme

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Modern office is a working environment composed of a variety of visual tasks. It should not only meet the requirements of basic reading and writing, but also create a pleasant and comfortable working atmosphere, ensure the mental and physical health of the staff, stimulate their high enthusiasm for work, and thus improve work efficiency.
Better quality office furniture and lighting design can effectively improve the work efficiency, the key factors of office lighting quality level are: the intensity of illumination and uniformity, glare, brightness, color temperature and color rendering index, at the same time to consider the overall intelligent control, safety, energy saving, etc., to create a comfortable, harmonious and efficient working environment.
First, business office space lighting design must consider the elements
The following factors must be considered:
Color temperature selection: it is appropriate to choose the color temperature between 3300 and 5300K for general office lighting sources.
Color rendering index: the general color rendering index of office lighting source should be selected within the range of 60-80, and the initial investment, installation, maintenance and energy saving should also be considered.
Luminance ratio parameter table.
Brightness ratio between surface types
1/3 between working face and adjacent object
1/10 between the working face and the distant dark surface
1:10 between working face and farther bright surface
Partition: 40-70%
The floor 20% 40%
Reflection ratio parameter table
Type/area reflection ratio
Ceiling above 80%
Wall is 40% - 70%
Furniture is 25% 45%
Office machines: 25-45%
The floor 20% 40%
Glare control importance comparison table
Project/type independent office integrated office corridor
Direct and indirect glare control is very important very important sometimes important
The illume of opposite metope, smallpox is very important very important
The physical relationship between the light fixture and the user is very important very important sometimes important
Uniformity/reduce shadow and strobe important important sometimes important
Color rendering and color temperature are important
Natural light is important sometimes important
Lighting control is important sometimes important
Illuminance parameter table of each functional area
Area type/site reference plane and its height illuminance standard value (Lx) UGR Ra
Reception/reception room 0.75 level 300/80
General office (comprehensive) 0.75 horizontal plane 300 19 80
High-grade office, design room actual working face 500 19 80
Business office (business office) actual working face 300 22 80
Room 0.75 level 300 19 80
Document arrangement and distribution room 0.75 level 300/90
Data and archives room 0.75 level 200/80
Ii. Lighting design guidance for key functional areas
Front desk lighting design
Front desk is the place where companies show a good image, the region in addition to the front desk decoration design, personnel's instrument of temperament and decorative decoration, on the whole space of the lights fit for light distribution and spatial order, can give a person a kind of comfortable, gentle the first feeling, especially in the company's LOGO on the lighting, to be clear, bright, impress visiting customers and other staff.
Comprehensive office lighting design
Comprehensive office, generally refers to the office area of more than 80 square meters, the middle is divided or separated by a number of separate work space, multi-department common office of large space office. Its lighting design generally only provides uniform lighting, but also can be divided into general lighting and local lighting, and its illumination contribution to the operation accounts for 50% respectively. Also pay attention to the glare and brightness ratio control. But to the partition of different layout and space distance and density, appropriate use different gimme to undertake designing.
Independent office lighting design
Most of the independent offices are places for middle and senior managers of enterprises to work, which generally have the function of privacy and closure, as well as reception of guests and important business negotiations.
In lighting design, it requires the combination of general lighting and local lighting. For example, the illumination of office area (writing desk) is required to be above 500LX, so as to have enough illumination to ensure the normal office demand. To the small-sized area that negotiates, can use local illume means to deal with, be like setting desk lamp beside sofa, ground lamp or design on the wall small-sized shoot the lamp, wall lamp to wait, in order to satisfy the illume effect that its place needs, pay attention to the transition between office and discuss light at the same time.
Conference room lighting design
The conference room is a large and medium office area integrating discussion, training and group activities. It requires a variety of flexible lighting effects that can be intelligently controlled to facilitate various types of collective work.
The area of lighting design for general lighting and local lighting, in addition to provide sufficient illumination to ensure that the participants write outside the office, chairman of area is controlled by local lighting to highlight, to reflect, chairman of the area has guiding, highlighting key lighting effect, convenient projection, handwritten board, speeches and other special lighting requirements.
General pattern
Pay attention to reflect the compact feeling that attend a meeting, build better discussion atmosphere, use the method that illuminative prep above circumferential illuminative commonly among (or turn off circumferential lamp to protrude). The overall color temperature is controlled at 3000K and the average illumination is above 400LX.
Projection model
Show slides and be able to see the content and patterns on the projections, and take into account the written work of participants. Therefore, the surrounding illumination should be set at about 150LX. At the same time, considering the relation between participants and the distance of the projection and the overall energy saving effect, the lighting intensity is designed in a stepped way, gradually increasing from the front to the back.
Speech patterns
In order to highlight the image of the speaker and not affect the feeling of the speaker as the principle, the lighting ratio of the chairman's podium should be controlled at 90%-100%, the audience and other positions should be lowered to 50%-60%, the basic lighting should be controlled at about 200LX.
Living room lighting design
Lounge is a place where enterprises set up a special reception of foreign guests, also reflect the important place of enterprise internal culture, in the lighting design, to whether the enterprise culture, decorate a style, interior layout is different, different lighting technique, but one thing is common, is to create a comfortable and relaxing space environment atmosphere.
Lighting design of tea room
Tea room is a place specially set up for employees to have a short rest and relax during working hours. It is also a reflection of corporate culture and a kind of welfare. However, this area plays a very important role. Therefore, in lighting design, we should consider the enterprise's culture and connotation, and focus on creating a warm, comfortable and relaxing space environment.
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