Bank LED lighting design scheme


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Bank LED lighting design scheme

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The environment of the bank needs to give a person a kind of air, high-grade feeling. Because this bank should match high-grade, the lamps and lanterns with beautiful appearance to undertake illume to it commonly. As people spend almost 1/3 of their time in the office every day, the staff will be busy reading materials, writing, making phone calls, operating computers and other activities in the office, which all have their own visual requirements. Therefore, lighting design must be carried out according to different visual requirements. Good office lighting design can not only effectively improve work efficiency, but also improve the enthusiasm and drive of staff. The lighting environment of the bank's office should be bright, comfortable, stylish and luxurious.
First, the bank lighting design must consider the elements
Some elements to consider:
· make full use of natural light.
· appropriate brightness contrast.
· glare control.
· avoid the hazards of strobe light to human eyes.
· scientific application of efficient lamps and light sources (color temperature, color rendering).
Reference table of lighting coefficient of relevant areas:
Office building lighting standard value
Reference plane and height illumination standard value (LX) UGR Ra for room or place
Ordinary office 0.75 level 300 19 80
High-end office 0.75 level 500 19 80
Room 0.75 level 300 19 80
Reception room, reception desk 0.75 level 300/80
Business hall 0.75 level 300 22 80
Actual working face of design office: 500 19 80
File arrangement, copy and distribution room 0.75 level 300/80
Data and archives room 0.75 level 200/80
Ii. Lighting design of key functional areas
Entrance to the hall
The entrance hall is an important area where the bank gives the customer a first impression. In lighting design, we should pay attention to the coordination with architectural style, and consider to reduce the change of indoor and outdoor brightness. In terms of illumination, we should also pay attention to the natural transition between external natural light and room lighting line, to create a natural sense of comfort.
The business hall
General banking service areas are divided into: consulting service desk, filling in form area, number taking area, waiting area (lounge chair + water fountain), LED electronic screen, publicity rack and other sub-functional areas.
In lighting design, attention should be paid to the priority of each function area. For example, higher illumination and color requirements should be adopted for the lighting of the consulting service desk, the filling area and the publicity information area, so as to facilitate customers to easily see the materials and fill in the forms. And the rest waiting area, take the number area, LED electronic screen can be used to lower the illumination, color temperature and lighting design. In addition, special attention should be paid to the control of glare in the design.
Counter (tending to the reception desk)
The counter is the cash, non-cash and transfer service for customers or units. In the lighting design, the light is bright and soft, the lighting degree is a little lower, and the color temperature is medium. The emphasis is on creating a warm and soft lighting environment.
VIP service area
The VIP service area is generally a multi-functional area integrating counter business and financial management functions, focusing on the specific service for large customers or units. In light design, consideration should be given to the service requirements of high specifications and star rating, focusing on reflecting the real high-star VIP service function of this area. Therefore, in addition to illumination and color temperature considerations, some details of the lighting design is particularly important.
Reception room
Reception room is the functional area that deals with loan, accumulation fund and other seek advice to serve technically, on the illume design of this area, the requirement builds the warmth of a kind of family meeting room, intimacy. Lighting design is carried out in accordance with the principle of moderate illumination and low color temperature.
Self-service banking area
Self-service banking, also known as "unmanned banking" and "electronic banking", is a part of the electronic and automated processing of banking services, which generally consists of ATM machines, access control and self-service online banking (trend). Due to no one monitoring, the security requirements are high. In order to cooperate with the camera to accurately capture the scene, the lighting requirements are very high.
Lighting design can be divided into three parts: the first is the self-help bank top lighting, the second is the ATM fixed point lighting, the third is the ATM internal panel lighting. Clear requirements, with the camera clear shooting.
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