Fine decoration real estate LED lighting project design


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Fine decoration real estate LED lighting project design

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With the development of economy and improvement of living conditions, people have more requirements on the material and spiritual functions of living space, and its environmental quality directly affects people's life quality. The design of lamp and light has become an important part of interior design. More people hope that through the design of lights and light rendering space color mood, create a space of light and shadow interest, enrich the level of space area. As one designer says, "lighting is the most attractive flirt in the room."
Through the overall planning and design of the space through high-quality lighting design, the quantitative, efficient and harmonious lighting application can be systematically considered from the aspects of equipment procurement, equipment maintenance, operation cost and lighting effect, so as to achieve the purpose of low-carbon lighting.
First, real estate lighting design must consider the elements
The following factors must be considered:
· property style and layout;
· main materials and decoration style of the building;
· functional division and storey height of each space;
· lighting forms and lighting parameters determined by decoration design;
· technical parameters of main decorative materials, etc.
Reference table of illuminance of each functional area:
Area type/site reference plane and its height illuminance standard value (Lx) UGR Ra
Reception hall and service desk 0.75 level 300 22 80
Sand table model area 0.75 horizontal plane 500-800 22 80
Negotiate cooperation zone 0.75 level 300 19 80
VIP reception area 0.75 level 300 19 80
Rest area 0.75 level 100 22 80
Ii. Lighting design guidance for key functional areas
The sales department
In the whole sales department, reception hall with the service desk is closely linked, the lobby lighting environment lighting, reception belongs to local lighting, lobby space lighting overall around 3000 k color temperature control, water level control the average illuminance on the around 300 lx, accent lighting area of up to 500 lx, service desk local lighting should be used to wash the wall way, to enhance the guidance and interests of local illumination around 200 lx.
Sand table model area
Sand table model area is to show the whole style of building project and important areas of enterprise strength, various pattern, public landscape planning within the sand table, building model, etc., in the lighting design, the need of each function area division should reflect the meaning and style, different lighting technique is taken to show, to enhance the overall reality of the sand table.
In terms of lighting design, the illuminance of this area is controlled at about 200-500lx and the color temperature is 3000K. When there is a ceiling trough, it is suggested to use track shooting to facilitate the adjustment of the irradiation point and better control the lighting.
Template area
Model area is the core that reflects building dish place, also be the important area that shows entity model room. It is in adornment and the stand or fall on illume design, affecting the sale of building dish directly. But because building dish style is different, the example model that subdivides and more subdivide inside the room pattern or functional area is different, need to take different illume to design gimme to show the advantage of all sorts of model, in order to promote building dish's competition power.
Discuss the area
The negotiation area is required to create a spacious, bright and relaxed environment atmosphere. The general environmental lighting fixtures adopt high-color tri-color energy-saving light source, and the key areas adopt halogen light source.
In lighting design, the overall color temperature is controlled at 3000K, the average illuminance is 150LX, and the illuminance in key areas can reach more than 300LX.
VIP reception area
The VIP reception area is specially set up for potential cooperative customers or large customers. It requires quiet and less interference. For lighting design, it mainly adopts high color rendering light source and low color temperature illumination to make customers relaxed and happy.
In lighting design, the overall color temperature is controlled at 3000K, the average illuminance is 100LX, and the illuminance in key areas can reach more than 200LX.
Rest area
The function of this area is to the customer that visits building dish to set up technically, the requirement builds a kind of comfortable, quiet, sweet feeling.
On illume design, use illuminance commonly low, the lamps and lanterns with high color temperature to reflect dimensional environment gas surround. The overall color temperature is controlled above 3000K and the average illuminance is 100LX.
The courtyard square
The courtyard square is the public landscape in the community, according to the different styles and functional areas of the building, the landscape, walkway, modeling of the garden, need to use different lighting design techniques to show.
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