LED lighting design for entertainment venues


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LED lighting design for entertainment venues

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The basic purpose of bar lighting is to provide people with a comfortable, romantic, safe, interesting, and functional visual environment. At the same time, lighting can realize different use functions and properties, shape appropriate atmosphere and scene, and create a consistent image.
Lighting features of entertainment venues
1. Low illumination: the bar's lighting is low illumination according to its unique temperament. Generally do not use illumination to measure the quality of lighting in an entertainment place, the key lies in whether the atmosphere is in line with the theme.
2. Rich lighting colors. Entertainment places belong to informal occasions.
3. Light jumps. Most lights in entertainment places are jumping and dynamic, which is different from the color temperature consistency of lights in general functional Spaces.
4. Strong artistic lighting. Lighting in entertainment places attaches great importance to artistic lighting, which is different from functional lighting.
5. Situational lighting and lighting in entertainment places should meet the needs of scene transformation. Situational lighting can bring countless different psychological feelings and experiences to people in the same space.
I. factors to be considered in lighting design of entertainment places
The following factors must be considered:
(I) illumination control
Entertainment places have relatively detailed requirements for illumination. Although there is no definite refinement in "architectural lighting design standards", more attention is paid to the distribution planning of illumination of the whole space. Therefore, in the design process combined with decorative materials, spatial theme, spatial attributes and other specific segmentation.
(2) use of color
The CIE system
In the CIE standard chromaticity system, both apparent and optical colors can be represented by a continuous, two-dimensional chart. The spectral characteristics of light color are generated by the type of light, while the apparent color is caused by the type of light and the spectral reflection and transmission characteristics. The brightness value is not considered here; Therefore, the hue and saturation of the color are reflected in the diagram. The color area is enclosed by an arc, which is the position with the highest color saturation. At the center of the region is the lowest saturation point, which is white or colorless. Any level of saturation of a color can be found on the line between the colorless point and where the color is located. Similarly, a mixture of two colors can be found on the line where the color is located. In the CIE model, complementary colors are located on the other side of the hue position, and the result of the mixing of the two colors is white.
Menzel system
In the menzel system, the apparent colors generate a catalog of samples in a three-dimensional array based on the brightness, hue, and saturation standards. Brightness is correlated with apparent color reflectivity; Hue is related to the actual color, and saturation represents the level of color, from solid to colorless gray. Two dimensional ICONS are effective for expressing light colors, and three dimensional systems are suitable for apparent colors. Reflectivity needs to be considered separately.
Hotel functional space lighting planning reference table:
Spatial typological design objectives/main visual impression spatial characteristics/physical and psychological needs activity needs/visual task design development issues
The bar lobby is romantic, relaxing, safe, informal, with a large number of individual people and a dense function. It needs a sense of security, emotional communication with stimulation, entertainment and wine tasting. It needs to strengthen the image of the bar
VIP area romantic, tasteful, safe, private area is small, need to provide guests with a very tasteful and private space emotional communication, entertainment, wine tasting visual comfort, color temperature, color display control, strengthen the sense of art
Toilet clean, high-grade, comfortable area is small, need to give guests warm comfort and presents an elegant environment finishing makeup, toilet needs to be decorated by lighting, and give guests a sense of warmth
The workshop is bright, clean and barrier-free, providing a good platform for service personnel to operate. The light source with good color rendering should be selected to give people a sense of brightness through high illumination
The rest and waiting area is comfortable, no pressure, sense of belonging, intimacy, no pressure, relaxation and rest, waiting to meet people's needs, and it is enhanced in sense of fun and art
Passage/corridor comfortable, no pressure, barrier-free with distinctive features and style of safe walking with lights to adjust the interesting passage, appropriately increase the sense of art
The water bar/cashier area is relaxing, romantic, organized, open, distinctive and relaxing for drinking drinks, cashier and communication. Lighting is required to define the water bar and cashier (horizontal and vertical lighting) to ensure the illumination of the cashier, and to coordinate with the whole environment
Ii. Lighting design guidance for key functional areas
Lobby bar
The bar hall has a large flow of people and multifarious functional requirements. In this space, there is a need for reading, so sufficient lighting on the horizontal surface should be taken into account. There are image walls and works of art display, need adequate vertical lighting; At the same time, it is recommended to use different lighting standards (such as light color and beam Angle) to define the area.
Low illumination can relax people's mood, let the guests feel no pressure and ensure a certain privacy space security, therefore, the overall illumination should be kept in a lower state. Still need to notice the clever union of light and shadow, increase the drama of the space and excitant, increase the hazy, mysterious feeling of the space and move feeling, make the environment has imaginary space more.
VIP area
VIP area is relatively small and closed, the lighting focus of this space is to build a romantic, private, safe, personalized environment, so that guests can experience the supreme service in this space, the root theme can be used to express warm, wild, sexy, elegant and other different styles of VIP rooms.
For lighting of this space, low color temperature should be chosen to be about 3000K, which gives people a sense of warmth. For key display areas, narrow light-distribution lamps can be selected, and indirect lighting should be used to increase space comfort and inhibit glare. For facade lighting, such as the processing of decorative painting, it is necessary to determine the number and spacing of lamps according to the size of decorative painting.
The toilet of bar is different from the place such as general commerce sells, indoor household, public space, its requirement reflects high-grade, elegant, comfortable muti_function to use demand. The requirements for decoration, lighting and sanitation are very high. For example, mirror headlights need color rendering and soft lighting to provide a finishing environment for guests.
Corridor, passageway also is one of the individual character characteristic that reflects a bar, it is not only bearing the bond function between district, still have stronger automatic guidance role. Accordingly, on lamplight illume design, want to notice the natural transition between corridor and each function area already, want to use the visual effect of lamplight to rise to give a client silent guidance effect more.
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