Clothing store lighting design scheme


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Clothing store lighting design scheme

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As an important field of commercial lighting, industrial and branding of apparel lighting is becoming increasingly mature, and its lighting performance is being paid more and more attention by customers. Lighting also changes from the original single function lighting to value display lighting, lighting is more artistic, more able to let customers enjoy shopping fun in the light environment we create. In the high-end clothing display, the appropriate illuminance ratio can reflect the positioning of the goods, highlighting the brand value of the goods. Highlighting the contrast between light and dark is the key to lighting design. Adopt key lighting mode. All lights are completely focused on the product, and the ground and passageways are not illuminated directly. Color temperature and color rendering, to choose high color rendering lamps, better display the rich color of goods; Color lukewarm appropriate USES warm color temperature, what use with average family is consistent.
Brand image highlights a clothing brand store, decoration style, space layout has its own merits, but its brand and product display is always the core and soul of a store. Through the clever use of lighting, in the delicate space, the brand and products most clearly expressed, it becomes the primary factor. The general performance in lighting is as follows:
1) lighting principle: highlight the key points through the combination of light and dark, cold and warm, light and shadow.
2) lighting method: select narrow beam of metal halon spotlights, focus on the brand, new products, models for local lighting, increase the illuminance ratio, form a significant visual contrast, let the brand image printed into the eyes of consumers in the first time.
3) lighting method: for the model lighting, 3d irradiation is mostly adopted. Through the combination of light and shadow, the three-dimensional sense of the model is most perfectly reflected.
I. factors to be considered in lighting design of clothing stores
Clothing store auxiliary lighting:
Hidden light pipes for light transmission: for example, hidden light pipes are often used in the exhibition cabinets or wall parts of the footwear shops or menswear shops.
Use its interior through the background light as auxiliary lighting.
Side irradiation: in the shop window, to shape the sense of layers and three-dimensional space, wall mounted lamps or embedded lamps are generally used for side irradiation auxiliary lighting.
Top irradiation: the lighting is played from the ground, direct to models and other products to create weird and special effects.
Vertical downlighting: this is the most common type of illumination. Generally speaking, in the clothing store with independent facade, the installation position of lamps and lanterns should be located in the range of 30-50cm above the goods. This is more conducive to customer selection and display of goods. If you deviate too far from the position, it is not conducive to the control of glare.
Reference table of global and local illuminance coefficient:
Shop type overall illumination local illumination key lighting illumination ratio
Literal description numeric description numeric description literal description numeric
International luxury goods are very low 50LX high 1000LX high 1:20
International high-end brand low 100LX high 1000LX high 1:10
Domestic high-end brands generally 300LX higher 2000LX generally 1:7
Domestic high-end brands high 500LX high 3000LX low 1:6
Domestic public brand high 600LX high 3000LX lower 1:5
Reference table of illuminance of each functional area:
Area type/site reference plane and its height illuminance standard value (Lx) UGR Ra
Window display area 0.75 level 800 22 80
Image wall & cashier counter 500 19 80
New products & fine products exhibition area 0.75 level 500-800 22 80
Ordinary display area 0.75 level 300 19 80
Fitting area 0.75 level 500 22 80
Ii. Lighting design guidance for key functional areas
Different styles of clothing stores, lighting application aspects of the focus are not the same, and the same clothing store functional areas, lighting techniques are not the same. In general, clothing stores can be divided into the following areas according to functions: window area, image wall & cashier, new products & boutique display area, general display area, fitting area, rest area & aisle, etc.
Window display area
The window is the window and image of the clothing store, which also represents the grade and grade of the clothing store. If the window lighting is well designed, it has a huge pull to attract customers into the shop. According to the survey, excellent window lighting is more likely to attract the attention of customers, increase their interest in clothing stores, and play a role in gathering popularity and commercial solicitation. Window to the average illuminance on the intensity of illumination, the basis of differences in the shop than general store the overall intensity of illumination is 2-3 times higher, because the street clothing shops in the natural light during the day, the window outside higher brightness (about 10000-50000 lx) illuminance value, therefore, consider the reflection characteristics of glass, can ensure the display is clearly visible in the window, the light of day must be in the 2000 lx - 5000 lx, night, intensity of illumination can be slightly lower, 500 lx - 800 lx.
Generally speaking, the average illuminance value of shop auxiliary is not less than 1000LX. The window illuminance ratio is 5:1 than that of Emax:v Emin, which can be higher in high-end clothing shops.
Image wall, cash register
Image walls and checkout counters are usually integrated. It not only displays the commercial image of the clothing brand, but also has a good guiding function. While reflecting the brand culture and style, it should also consider the operational needs of filling out documents, settling cash and other work. Therefore, this area is usually reflected by using focal lighting.
The illumination of image wall is generally controlled around 1500LX. The checkout counter can be slightly lower and can be controlled at 500lx-800lx. Besides, effective control of glare should be considered.
New products, boutique display area
The new product exhibition area is the key point for the store to promote products and increase sales. It is also through the boutique to reflect the brand personality and connotation of clothing brand. Models are generally used to present new styles, materials and color combinations. Therefore, the lighting effect of this area is directly related to the sales performance of clothing stores.
Recommend the use of around 2000 lx intensity of illumination, the light source of color rendering index in 90 above, with the surrounding environment lighting form a contrast, can more truly present clothing design and simple sense, at the same time, considering the model the change of position, must choose adjustable Angle guide metal halide lamp (10 °) and small Angle of a narrow beam of high power (70 w) ceramic guide metal halide lamp.
General display area
The common display area usually displays the rack or the platform or the display frame form to hang and to put the clothing in batches. More products are displayed in this area. Therefore, the illumination in this area is lower than that in models and other new products & boutique display areas. The specific points of lighting application are as follows:
Generally speaking, the illumination of this area is slightly lower than that of the image wall, and it should be kept even without the need for light and dark contrast, which is recommended to be between 800 and 1000LX.
The fitting area
The fitting area is the space for consumers to try on and feel the real effect, which also influences the final transaction of products to some extent. Therefore, this area as an important part of the store, good lighting effect display, can let customers calmly appreciate the clothing, observe the matching and wearing effect, promote the desire and behavior of customers to buy.
If the fitting room is inside the fitting room, the illumination of the fitting room must be 800LX. If the fitting room is outside the fitting room, the illumination of the fitting room must not be lower than 500LX. The illumination of the fitting room should be 1000LX.
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